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Summer 2009 Etc

Using MS Word

I was inspired to write a document about the features of MS Word for my debaters.  However, when it got long enough, I decided to release it to the entire debate community.  It’s posted to my website at if you want to read it for yourself.

Summer 2009 Fun

Country Fair

July 10, I went to the Oregon Country Fair.  This is one of the experiences that most strongly demonstrates that the anti-consumerist in me is much stronger than the hippie in me. 

My Roommate + A Tangent on Ender's Game

The Saturday before leaving, I finally saw the house of my roommate, Nick Isaacs.  It was big.  The folks were friendly.  The garden was nice. 

Nick has a really big book collection, too.  On a related note, I discovered that recent printings of Ender’s Game have a new cover.  It’s weird how much the new cover disturbs me.  I had no attachment to the old cover, and it doesn’t affect me whatsoever when other books change their covers, but the no cover just seems so wrong.

Admitted Students Weekend -- House Host

The last weekend of April was Admit Weekend.  Basically, it was Stanford’s chance to impress all of the people go got accepted to Stanford, Berkeley, and Harvard.  I was a HoHo, a House Host, meaning I help out with the events that the admits do.  The Head HoHo did most of the work, but admit weekend was still a good experience. 

I tabled for debate at the activity fair.  There seemed to be a lot of people interested in doing debate at Stanford.  I have high hopes for the team next year. 

Good Clean Fun

The one consistent social event (that is, the one thing that is both outside of my regular group of friends and weekly) was Computer Science Four Square at Four.  Every Friday, 10 or 20 CS majors would wander out into the sunlight (we didn’t wander too far – it’s right outside of the CS building). 


Technology (1)

The first week of May, my phone broke.  You may not be aware at this point, but I do a lot of things, and the calendar on my phone is how I keep track of them all.  Being without a phone for a week was not fun, even though I rarely talk on the phone or send or receive text messages.

Train Ride

Getting on the train was a bit of an ordeal. 

My Other (Unofficial) Advisor (3)

I’ve also been maintaining a relationship with Michael Rosenfeld, the person who taught my sociology / identity class last term.  His office hours are a little less competitive than Mehran’s.


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