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Summer 2009 Humanities


My music interests have remained mostly the same.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for some old bands, though. 

I’ve been listening to Blue Scholars and Common Market, Washington based hip-hop groups, recently.  Their music has a good message (politically / philosophically) and is very community-oriented. 

Food Stamps Challenge

The first full week of May was the Food Stamps Challenge.  Students Taking on Poverty planned the Food Stamps Challenge as a way to show people one (small) piece of what it’s like to be in poverty.  The challenge was to eat as if on food stamps – meaning you had a $4 allowance for food – for a day.  Some of the STOP members did it for longer than a day.  I only did the one day.  One thing is for sure, though: the money from food stamps isn’t enough to get a nutritionally balanced 2000 calorie diet.


Since I lack artistic appreciation…

During campaign week, there was an urban dance show and there was a Battle of the Bands.  Last year’s student government executive and some of their friends had their own band.  The music was a little bit too screaming-hard-rock for my taste, but ah well.

The next weekend was Aida.  The play itself was cheesy, but the acting was good.

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