I couldn't get Johnny Cash out of my head, so I decided to see Logan.  I thought it was so-so.

For the first half of the movie, I felt like I was missing stuff because I hadn't seen all of the previous X-Men movies.  But no, it just felt that way because things went unexplained and because the movie didn't clue the audience in that they were supposed to be unexplained.

It was fairly slow for an action movie.  The action that was there wasn't stunning, and most of the movie wasn't action oriented.


Before seeing Deadpool, I thought it was just a regular superhero movie.  I have nothing against those movies, and I often enjoy them, but even when they're well done, they don't really stand out.  Yes, the Avengers had good action and good jokes, and I'm glad I saw the movies, but it's not a favorite or anything.  Action movies typically aren't designed to make you think, and they often don't have that interesting of an artistic style (with notable exceptions like Kill Bill).


Zootopia poster

The premise: all mammals have evolved with human-like intelligence, though discrimination of different species is still prevalent.  The protagonist is a bunny who wants to be the first bunny police officer.  

I enjoyed the setting a lot.  Much of the story took place in a modern metropolis.  Everyone has a smartphone, and there are plenty of other tech references.  With the city, the movie managed to present a diversity of peoples, cultures, and perspectives that can be hard to capture.  


Amelie art

People are weird, and Amelie explores that idea to wonderful effect.

I first heard of Amelie in a Design School class.  They showed a clip from the start of the movie that describes Amelie's parents.  I can't remember if the lesson I was supposed to take away from the clip was that people are weird or that you can tell a fairly full story with a few short descriptions of some interesting characters.  

Derek Huogh - Defying Gravity Dance

Take two very qualified dancers.  Give them a long time to choreograph a dance.  Now, put them in a room that rotates (so, sometimes the ceiling is down).  Now, fix a camera to the room so that it always looks like the floor is down even when they're dancing on the walls.  Then, you have the Defying Gravity Dance.

Watch it.  Your mind will be blown.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Season 2)

Legend of Korra Masthead from Wikipedia

I wrote earlier about Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra, but that was early into Korra, so I didn't have much experience.  Now that the second season of Korra is done, it has disappointed me.  It's a fun show, but it lacks what made The Last Airbender special.  Airbender was both more lighthearted and more serious than Korra.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables movie poster

Confession: I have never seen or read the original Les Mis. As a result, when the new movie came out, I felt compelled to see it.

It was interesting seeing it because so there were so many classic songs that I never realized were from Les Mis like "I Dreamed a Dream." It was also nice that they realized that people come to musicals for the music, and there wasn't too much dialogue in between the different songs.

Happy Feet


Happy Feet was available on the airplane back from Ghana, so I decided to watch it.

Okay, so really I just wanted a picture of a penguin on my site.


"Skyfall" is the 23rd Bond film. Wow.

It was a little light on the gadgets -- no invisible cars or exploding pens. Then again, that was also a part of the plot.

Wreck It Ralph

"Wreck It Ralph" is about a video game villain who wants to be a hero.

I enjoyed that it had a bunch of different styles of humor. Jane Lynch has the same extreme and rambling style of humor as she does on Glee, whereas Sarah Silverman's style is more ironic and slapstick. There were also some dramatic elements. It's a little nostalgia inducing, though not as much as I expected. There was also a little attention to class issues.

Overall, fun for all ages.


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