Zootopia poster

The premise: all mammals have evolved with human-like intelligence, though discrimination of different species is still prevalent.  The protagonist is a bunny who wants to be the first bunny police officer.  

I enjoyed the setting a lot.  Much of the story took place in a modern metropolis.  Everyone has a smartphone, and there are plenty of other tech references.  With the city, the movie managed to present a diversity of peoples, cultures, and perspectives that can be hard to capture.  

At a high level, the plot is about racism.  The society formally supports inclusion and condemns racism, but there is still bigotry that dramatically affects a lot of people.  One problem is that the movie only focuses on overt racism as opposed to structural injustice (eg, Zootopia doesn't appear to have economic racial disparities, housing discrimination, or problems arising from centuries of historic discrimination).  That said, the overt discrimination that the movie does show seem awfully close to things that can and are happening today, even though many folks might like to pretend otherwise.

I highly recommend the movie to folks who enjoy family movies.  It was touching, funny, had a strong setting, and had good themes.