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Real Live Sympathy Lamps!

Google has an annual science fair.  This year, a 15 year old made a flashlight that runs off of the heat of your hand like a sympathy lamp in Name of the Wind.  The article is pasted below.  You can also see a YouTube video of her explaining how it works and showing it in action.


Glowing Rabbits!

Dark Corners of C

11 Disgusting Ingredients You Eat Every Day That Food Companies Don't Talk About

The article is from last year, but I read it the other day about some disgusting non-vegetarian things that you might not expect in your food.  A good read!


Apparently, I'm the Beard Guy

A friend shared me this link: http://io9.com/study-finds-bearded-men-are-more-attractive-proves-my-493130473.  The study is interesting (and shows why it's perfectly logical for me not to shave), but I find it even more interesting that someone would share it with me.  I guess my beard is of some repute?

Awkward Ad Placements

Leaking Condy

Condoleezza Rice is on campus now.  Her first public appearance was at a dorm for dinner one day.  The protests made national news.  Since then, she has been hiding her appearances.  Stanford in Government was having an end of year dinner with her as a guest, and I leaked the location to the protest groups.  I didn’t personally organize anything (I had a prior commitment), but the protest groups got something together.

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