Leaking Condy

Condoleezza Rice is on campus now.  Her first public appearance was at a dorm for dinner one day.  The protests made national news.  Since then, she has been hiding her appearances.  Stanford in Government was having an end of year dinner with her as a guest, and I leaked the location to the protest groups.  I didn’t personally organize anything (I had a prior commitment), but the protest groups got something together.

The president of Stanford in Government yelled at me (over email), describing protest as immature.  I thought it was kind of funny.  I replied that I believed in freedom of information rather than secret events, that I believe in freedom of speech (especially protest as political speech), and that my role models are people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King who changed the world through protest.  If that’s what immature means, then America was founded as an immature country, and that’s good enough for me.