Admitted Students Weekend -- House Host

The last weekend of April was Admit Weekend.  Basically, it was Stanford’s chance to impress all of the people go got accepted to Stanford, Berkeley, and Harvard.  I was a HoHo, a House Host, meaning I help out with the events that the admits do.  The Head HoHo did most of the work, but admit weekend was still a good experience. 

I tabled for debate at the activity fair.  There seemed to be a lot of people interested in doing debate at Stanford.  I have high hopes for the team next year. 

There were a bunch of SLE events, too, and I got a chance to talk to some people who were interested in doing SLE.  The diverse array of opinions was interesting.  Yes, there were plenty of different majors, but there were a bunch of different opinions on SLE also.  This was particularly evident when people asked about grading.  There was the “grading is arbitrary” crowd and the “they watch you closer than you know” crowd.  I, personally, belong to the former crowd: fall term, I deserved a B but got an A-; winter term, I deserved an A+ but got an A-; spring term, I deserved an A and got an A.  I think the major gripe of the “grading is arbitrary” crowd is that many of them see people who don’t do the readings and put in less effort on their papers but get better grades than them.  Or it could have something to do with the subjectivity of grades.  Or it could have something to do with the lack of disclosure regarding grades – you know very little about what grade you’ll get until you are told your grade for the term.  Ah well.  It’s not like grades are the most important part of a Stanford education.

A few weeks later, I got an email from the library.  Apparently, they found an admit weekend card that belonged to me.  I wondered what it was for a while.  Then I realized that it had nothing to do with this year’s admit weekend: it was from a year ago when I was at Stanford as an admit.  I lost my meal card on a tour through the library and, a year later, someone stumbled upon it.  I was amazed.  


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Saturday, June 20, 2009