Good Clean Fun

The one consistent social event (that is, the one thing that is both outside of my regular group of friends and weekly) was Computer Science Four Square at Four.  Every Friday, 10 or 20 CS majors would wander out into the sunlight (we didn’t wander too far – it’s right outside of the CS building). 

To answer some rumors: 1) yes we really are that nerdy.  When we socialize in groups, our topics for conversation didn’t stray too far from algorithms.  We did occasionally go into religious wars – Mozilla Firefox versus Google Chrome.  2)  no, we aren’t, as a group, that un-athletic.  It’s just me that’s frail and feeble.  That is, many of the people who came to Four Square at Four are drastically better at four square than most of the jocks I know.

May 23 was Genderfuk, Stanford’s drag show.  I didn’t spend much time on my outfit.  I just wore my rainbow tie… in my pants’ fly.  It was fairly small compared to the University of Oregon’s drag shows, but it was still a good time.

The next day was my dorm’s Boat Dance.  Basically, we chartered a cruise boat to go to the edge of the bay and back.  Interestingly enough, because Stanford seems to have lost the ability to be frugal, the charter bus (haven’t seen a yellow bus since I became a student at Stanford) cost about as much as the cruise.  It was fun.  Not any more fun than it would have been if we saved the time, money, and carbon and had a dorm dance on campus, though.

My campaign youtube video wasn’t the only humorous video.  Some other people in my dorm made parodies of Brittany Spears’ “Womanizer” ( or search for “Stanford Womanizer”) and the TV show “Friends” (not posted online at the moment).  Very high production quality.

The last Friday of the term, we had a dorm banquet.  Prior to that, there was some voting.  It turns out that I’m most likely to start a cult.  I’m also second most likely to save the world, second most likely to start the revolution (not that the last two, or possibly three, questions were that different from each other), third most likely to be an evil mastermind, and I’m so likely to make contact with aliens that one person wrote down “Sam King already has” in the voting period.  I didn’t get voted Prettiest Eyes.  One person did vote me for Most Romantic, though.