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NFL and New York Jets Legend Marty Lyons Wins the 2013 Jefferson Award For 30 Years of Giving Back

Robin Hood Foundation, three young "Globechangers" and well known entrepreneur also win Jefferson Awards. CBS newscaster Lesley Stahl served as Mistress of Ceremonies.

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Stanford student wins 2013 Jefferson Award
Posted by Michael Knowles
March 5, 2013

Stanford African Student Association Culture Show

The Stanford African Student Association put on a culture show with African culture focused student groups and African performers.

Sounds of Diversity

The Stanford Cultural Interactions Club put on an event called Sounds of Diversity, which brought together musicians from different cultures. I got in late, but I still saw a Turkish ensemble that caught my interest.

Beardless Liberals

We here at Stanford have become a generation of beardless liberals, shorn by indifference and the unfailing belief that we’re starting "conversations."

Chris Herries (

I always thought that liberals needed more beards. Indifference is a horrible way to shear someone.

This Stanford Life

Someone from the Stanford Daily wanted to profile students and see all of their weird eccentricities. Being a weird and eccentric person, I volunteered. The article she wrote (also in the Stanford Daily) is below. It's not exactly how I would describe myself, but I think that she was fair.


This Stanford Life No. 1: Sam King

By Renee Donovan February 20, 2013

“I think a lot of people don’t have an ethical code they live by every day. A lot of people are apathetic. They don’t know the implications of their purchase decisions.”

Ursula Le Guin - The Farthest Shore

The cover of The Farthest Shore

The Wizard of Earthsea series is heavily influenced by nonwestern philosophy, so I wasn't expecting to see an existentialist novel by Le Guin. I enjoyed it.

Ursula Le Guin - Tombs of Atuan

I was surprised when I started the book because it had a new protagonist, and Ged, from the first book, plays a more minor role.

Where the first book was about exploring identity and values, this book was more about power. The protagonist, Tenar, is made a high priestess of the nameless ones from the earth. She has dominion over her temple, but she is bound to her role and doesn't have the freedom that would come with knowledge. Much of the book was about her coming to terms with this and moving beyond it.

The Liberal Media

There was apparently a comic in the daily that showed Pope Benedict being against gay marriage (and distribution of condoms and some other things). Then, someone write an article saying that it was offensive (

A Guide to Secure and Easy to Remember Passwords

Note: the following advice is applicable for a general context where someone only casually cares about their security. If you have more cause to care about security than the average person (ie, you deal with confidential information or you're a journalist in an authoritarian country or the Mossad are after you), you will need to be more rigorous. I am posting this because some of my friends wonder how I keep my passwords.


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