Stanford African Student Association Culture Show

The Stanford African Student Association put on a culture show with African culture focused student groups and African performers.

The headliner was Fuse ODG, and he was a performer like few that I've seen before. He was actually the reason that I came to the show: I'm going to Ghana for Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability, and Fuse ODG is one of the most famous singers in Ghana. He got the crowd moving around (even though the show was in an auditorium optimized for sitting rather than standing), and he brought half the audience up on stage. He's promoting TINA, This Is New Africa, which is the idea that the media usually only portrays Africa in a negative manner, so we need people to talk more about the culture and the history and positives. Oh, and his music was good too.

Aside from Fuse ODG, the show was nice because of its variety. There was a Stanford African dance group and an outside African dance group. There was a music group that played a fusion of a bunch of different genres, combining to feel like old funk music. There was also some spoken word. There was a Stanford alum who became a fashion designer, and she had a fashion show of African meets western professional clothing. I could appreciate the designs -- they were definitely professional, but they also had a culture to them that you don't get in the standard black and white (or other block color).

Overall, it was a very cool experience.