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I tried out the game Anodyne recently.  In the brief bit that I played, its Gamespot review seemed to be on point.  It is similar to the old 2D Zelda games.  However, it doesn't have a clear narrative.  Instead, it has an ambiance-dominated story about a kid who uses gaming as a coping mechanism ("anodyne" is a pain killer).  

The idea is cool, but it wasn't fun to play.  The lack of a narrative or clear objectives makes me feel lost whenever I'm doing anything.  Also, because the game is telling a dark story primarily through ambiance, the game evokes a feeling of unease.  It's like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but with off-kilterness rather than horror.  

That said, it does have some nice moments.  For instance, there's one NPC that says the following:

I am the thorax, I speak for the bees.
Their fate is uncertain, it's not the bee's knees!
Some colonies' workers have all took to flight!
These colonies die then, it's no pretty sight!

Perhaps it's a virus or new pesticide,
perhaps it's the larva of foul phorid flies!
That's making these honeybees all act so strange.
Whatever it is, it must certainly change!

Okay, so I don't really know what's the matter
I worry my efforts are nothing but chatter.
But how can I sit and do nothing to help?
So I'll post it to Facebook and Twitter and Yelp!