My Book Ratings

In case anyone was wondering what my numerical book ratings mean:
5: If this book has flaws, I'm not sure what they are. It is well written such that it is an engaging page turner, and reading it has given me insight into the human condition. I don't give out many 5 star reviews. Read these books.
4: The book is either well written or insightful, but it probably isn't both. There are either some structural flaws that make the book hard to read, or it's just an entertaining novel and didn't teach me anything. I give out a lot of 4 star reviews. These are solid books, but not superb.
3: The book isn't substantially insightful, and I didn't really enjoy reading it. I could possibly see how someone else might enjoy it, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it. I give this rating to books that I think are bad but not horrible.
2: The book isn't insightful, and I disliked reading it. I couldn't see how someone else would enjoy it.
1: If you read this book, you will become a worse person.