2009-09-01: Summer 2009


I started working on way too many tech projects including a project to take the paper out of debate. 

I wasted lots of time. 

I taught at a summer camp with 4 days notice and no lesson plan (and no sleep during the week).  It taught me some lessons about teaching, such that handwriting, no matter how horrible, can still help.  It showed me the other side of kids not paying attention (Get off my lawn!).  It made me realize just how valuable debate and debate camp is.

The world of debate is uncertain, but I realize that I like coaching and the debate community. 

I listened to songs about cars, but I still can’t drive.

I wrote a document about how to use MS Word like a pro.  Now you can too!

This time, I didn’t smuggle myself in the luggage car (it was broken); instead, I made myself the center of attention with my power strip.



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