Pathways for Service

I wrote a while back on the subject of different focus areas for service.  That answers the question "what must be achieved to help the world?" but it doesn't answer the question of what communities are involved in those struggles.  Thus, it  is useful to consider different pathways for service.  There are many frameworks in existance to help people think about different pathways, but I haven't seen any that help people think about similar communities.  The following is my attempt at such a framework.

  • Give Time (Direct Service)

    • General Volunteer

    • Skill Based Volunteer

    • Specific Industries

      • Medicine

      • Education

      • Social Work

      • Etc

  • Give Money (Philanthropy)

  • Change Yourself

    • Be Ethical

    • Be a Conscious Consumer

    • Be You (Identity Politics)

  • Discover How to Create Change

    • Qualitative and Human Centered (Humanities)

    • Quantitative and Human Centered (Social Sciences)

    • Quantitative and Nature Centered (Natural Sciences)

  • Build a New World

    • Technology (Engineering)

    • Organizations, Institutions, and Infrastructure (Social Entrepreneurship)

    • Lead Good Organizations Well (Business)

  • Change an Organization

    • As a Business Leader (Intrapreneurship)

    • As a Worker (Unions)

    • As an Outsider (Activist Protest)

  • Government

    • Policy Making (Legislators at the Local or National Scale)

    • Enforcement (Law, Judge, Police)

    • Execution (Executives at the Local or National Scale)

  • Change the Culture

    • Force of Personality (Celebrity)

    • Force of Truth (Journalism)

    • Force of Emotion (Art)

    • Force of Will (Public Intellectual)

    • Force of Might (Military)

    • Force of Faith and Devotion (Religion)

    • Force of the People (Activist Social Movements)



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Wednesday, May 8, 2013