Misc: Alumni Mixer, Microsoft CEO, Google Natural Language People, Lockheed Martin, Founder of VMware

At the beginning of May, there was a SLE alumni mixer.  There were some interesting people there.  A bunch of tech people.  The Google guy didn’t make it.

Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO gave a talk on May 6.  Didn’t say much of interest.

Two people who were working on natural language at Google gave a talk on May 12.  They talked about some of their experiences working with natural language at things like Google 411 and the benefits of an interdisciplinary education.  Interesting, but not very memorable.

There are also some talks with a pre-professional focus.  Lockheed Martin had a leadership workshop for engineers the next Saturday.  There were a bunch of aero engineering grad students there.  I guess Lockheed Martin is one of a short list of organizations you work for if you like making stuff fly.  Let’s just say that my opinion of their talk doesn’t differ much from my opinions of their organization in general.

On May 22, Mendel Rosenblum (founder of VMware, a software virtualization company that, among other things, lets you run windows on a mac.  Its main claim to fame is in servers, though, where it simplifies the process of managing each server) came to my dorm for a dinner.  The dorm’s Resident Fellow, Greg Watkins (also my SLE section leader this term), got everything organized.  It was a fairly chill atmosphere.  No particular insights, but it was a nice chat.