2014 Q3

July through September of 2014

My Favorite Books

My favorite books:



140 is a minimalistic rhythm platformer.  The basic idea is that the game mechanics are tied to the music.  So, if a platform moves, it will move on the beat.  That gives it a very intuitive feel. At the end of a level, there's also a boss fight,  which is an interesting digression from the main game.  The bosses keep to the tempo and all feel very unique.

Jeff Atwood - Why Can't Programmers Program?

Jeff Atwood, who made StackOverflow among other things, wrote a blog post arguing that most programmers can't program.  A lot of people have accepted the conclusions at face value (eg, in this Quora post), but there are some serious problems with it, so I decided to weigh in as well.

The Stormlight Archives - Brandon Sanderson

The Way of Kings cover

The Way of Kings is the first book in the 10 book Stormlight Archive.  And what an introduction!

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