Brent Weeks - The Blinding Knife

"The Blinding Knife" is the sequel to "The Dark Prism," which I read over the summer. I didn't know when "The Blinding Knife" came out, but one friend gave another friend "The Dark Prism" to read, I commented on it, and he responded that the sequel came out.

The book was very good. It was as action packed and well written as the previous one (more!). Gavin is as involved in intrigue as he was in the last book. Kip is still provides some comic relief, but "The Blinding Knife" is much more about his coming of age. There are also a few new characters and some more about the more minor characters from the previous books. The end of the book is even more suspenseful than the last.

It included more social commentary. The previous book had a little bit at the end, but "The Blinding Knife" had it throughout. The book features characters on both sides of a war, so the reader is exposed to both of their philosophies. As a debater, I enjoy hearing both sides of opposing viewpoints represented well. There was also some commentary on social class and dogma included.