Stanford Homegrown Social ventures

Four different organizations that started at Stanford came to talk. This talk seemed a little bit rushed and abbreviated. The organizations seemed cool, but I don't feel like I got to know a lot about the people's stories.

One organization made low cost ventilators.

SEE College Prep helps low income students and minorities study for the SATs.

DripTech, made a gravity-based irrigation system. It was part of a Stanford Grad School class called Design for Extreme Affordability. I have heard so many awesome things come out of that class. I am highly considering taking it once I'm a grad student.

ReMotion makes high quality prosthetic limbs that cost $20 rather than $5,000-50,000. Because these limbs allow for mobility to a much greater extent than the other prosthetics that poor people had access to, it allows them to work and to feel empowered.