Year-Start Events

On 9/18, there was a Haas Center retreat for all student-service leaders. I was there for both QSA and Hackathon. There wasn't a ton of work that got done, but I met some cool people. One person was with I AM, Initiative Against Malaria, which I didn't know existed.

On 9/19, there was a meeting for all sophomore-premeds to make sure everyone is on track. Since most of the people there had been at it for a year longer than me and since I was, more or less, on track, it eased some stress.

Later on 9/19, there was both a student government open house and a Haas Center open house. I did some good recruiting at each event.

On 9/20, there was an event for all of the sophomores. Basically, the sophomore class presidents and Dean Julie (who is the awesome dean of frosh) spoke. Nothing too inspirational. They also handed out Class of 2012 glasses. Go Stanford?