Middle and High School Panels

At the end of May, a group called Project Motivation sent out some emails asking for people to be panelists for middle schoolers who were interested in college.  It was meaningful in a way similar to my tutoring.  I got the chance to talk with kids who were enthusiastic about education even though they didn’t come from the most economically (or educationally) advantaged communities.

Leaking Condy

Condoleezza Rice is on campus now.  Her first public appearance was at a dorm for dinner one day.  The protests made national news.  Since then, she has been hiding her appearances.  Stanford in Government was having an end of year dinner with her as a guest, and I leaked the location to the protest groups.  I didn’t personally organize anything (I had a prior commitment), but the protest groups got something together.

2009-06-20: Post Frosh Year

Intro: In Short

If any sentence in the summary intrigues you, there are several additional paragraphs related to that sentence in the body of my letter, and the index will tell you where to look.  Make sure you read the full version before commenting about me to someone else, though.  Regardless of how much you end up reading, write back!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Winter, 2009 Verbose Letter

2009-03-27 – Post Winter Term Frosh Year

In short
I have had lots of fun, made lots of friends, learned lots of new things, and am, generally, having a good time.

Sorry about being so verbose. I included a table of contents in case you want to jump around. I just wanted to be comprehensive since I hadn’t written in so long. [The version on samking.org doesn't have a table of contents since it was transitioned from the old site. Sorry.]

2008-10-07 -- First Letter. Midway through fall term Frosh year.

I have been doing well.


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