Overall, I liked SLE a lot more this term than in previous terms.  The readings were more contemporary, so I could relate to them, gain from them, and write meaningful papers, and I meshed well with Greg Watkins, my section leader this term.  Because I’ve been so busy this quarter, I didn’t quite do 100% of the readings, but I made an effort to get through the ones that I found to be interesting.  And I sort of got the gist of the rest.

My Other (Unofficial) Advisor (3)

I’ve also been maintaining a relationship with Michael Rosenfeld, the person who taught my sociology / identity class last term.  His office hours are a little less competitive than Mehran’s.

CS109: Statistics and Probability for Computer Science Majors

The last two terms, I took programming classes.  During spring term, I took a ‘theory’ class: it’s still about computer science, but the focus is not on how to program, but on learning the ideas that will lead to better programs later.  This class was an introductory probability/statistics course that was focused on computer science, so while we would learn the same general probabilistic principles that they teach in other probability courses, we would also go over the applications to programming. 

My Experience (3)

Winter, 2009 Verbose Letter

2009-03-27 – Post Winter Term Frosh Year

In short
I have had lots of fun, made lots of friends, learned lots of new things, and am, generally, having a good time.

Sorry about being so verbose. I included a table of contents in case you want to jump around. I just wanted to be comprehensive since I hadn’t written in so long. [The version on doesn't have a table of contents since it was transitioned from the old site. Sorry.]

2008-10-07 -- First Letter. Midway through fall term Frosh year.

I have been doing well.


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